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Traditionally, practice management is about having the right systems in place in all the key results areas of the practice. When results are disappointing, the response is to focus again on training and systems. Lather – Rinse – Repeat … and so the cycle begins


Your POTENTIAL GAP is always greater than your PERFORMANCE GAP.  While linear, incremental changes are good, you won't break through to your true potential until you smash through the status quo to high performance goals and action steps.  Remember, systems alone do not achieve great results ~ people do! Many exceptionally written standard operating procedure manuals are resting on the shelf gathering dust for just that reason. I believe this lack of shared focus explains why some dental practices are having their best year ever, while others are falling behind. There is a proven, better way. 



It’s often said, that in business your people are your best competitive advantage. Some even describe employees as your human capital. While true, I think the value your team bring to you, your patients and your practice far exceeds those descriptions. Dentistry is a team sport, you can’t do it all by yourself.


Your team members are essential to your success and they should be the beautiful representation of the face, the voice and the essence of your practice. Don’t settle for any less.



5 of Ginny's Clients Share Their Experience

"“With Ginny, we saw an increase in positive energy and communication. We serve our patients and each other better. Plus, we saw a 17% increase in profitability! Working with Ginny is a no-brainer.”"

Dr. John A. Rothchild
Durango, Colorado

"“Ginny is a master communicator and her refreshingly positive approach to coaching my team has invigorated my practice, my team and my bottom-line.”"

Dr. Manny Ngoh
Augusta, Georgia

"“When we first met, I was thinking you were going to be the same as other consultants who disappointed me and I didn’t really trust you’d be different. I want to tell you that now that I see what you have done in my practice, you have earned my trust.”"

Dr. Emilio Arguello
Denver, Colorado

""Ginny was superb at focusing on our Practice Strengths and on areas we needed to develop to a higher level. Ginny is the consummate professional, as well as a caring and personable up-beat motivator. She also has great expertise in staff relations, office systems analysis, and implementation of strategic monitors for office production, quality care measurement, and staff performance.”"

Dr. Simon Rosenberg
New York, NY

"“Ginny was amazing. She presented and implemented a lot of great stuff, but for me the biggest impact was when she pointed out to the team how they were not scheduling me efficiently. With her coaching, I am able to work one day less and produce more in 3 days than I was previously in 4 days.”"

Dr. Michael Barton
Lebanon, PA

"“Ginny can help you reach your practice goals & your professional goals. I couldn’t feel like I’ve been in a better place in the past 7 years that I’ve been a practice owner. When you cast a vision and your team digs in and believes in it, that’s when the magic happens, and that’s a blessing.”"

Dr. Ford Gatgens
Nashville, TN

The KEY to YOUR Next Level Success


    It makes good business sense to spend some quality time as a team, setting and adjusting your strategic plan to stay agile, productive and profitable.

    I work with doctors and practices that are already successful and want a higher level of contribution, impact and profitability. As your accountability partner, I focus on what we can control and what we can achieve together for you, your team and your practice.


 5 Fundamentals of The Platinum Level Consulting Program 


Creative problem solving with practice leaders as well as clinical and administrative teams


Introducing new, innovative ways of thinking and leading the practice to new growth


Creating perpetuating results as well as individual accountability for results

4. Hold Meetings That Work

Learn how your team can opt out of the typical revolving cycle of team meetings that either make things worse or are an exercise in frustration.  Your team meetings can create unity, positive change and even be fun!

5. Create Team Loyalty & Reduce Turnover

Learn how to avoid the power struggles and drama that lead to both voluntary and involuntary turnover.

6. Create Bottom-Line Success

One thing I know for certain: When the right PEOPLE come TOGETHER to do the right THING for the right REASON, success will follow. 


A personal message from Ginny Hegarty 

“I will sail my vessel till the river runs dry, like a bird upon the wind these waters are my sky. I’ll never reach my destination if I never try, so I will sail my vessel till the river runs dry.”  Last month I sang along with Garth Brooks to The River, The Dance, Unanswered Prayers, Friends in Low Places and so much more. What a bucket list moment for me, thanks to the kindness of a dear friend who had tickets to the concert in Philadelphia.

Garth Brooks was on my bucket list for his fabulous music, and because his reputation was built on being a good man, loving son and great dad. He struck me as someone who was doing his best to do well while also doing good. That’s a goal that many of my clients share and I believe it’s one of the attributes that makes dentists so very special, achieving most admired and trusted profession status so often.

 Halfway through the concert, Garth invited Mitch Rosell, one of his warmup acts and backup singers, to the stage. Garth explained that many years ago Crystal Gayle and Loretta Lynn gave him the amazing gift of inviting him on stage to watch them perform one of his songs. A turning point in his career and a moment he’s always treasured. Garth wanted to do the same for Mitch Rosell. It was truly special to watch this moment unfold.

Garth’s message resonated with me, as it epitomized these three ideals of my "TEAM FIRST" strategy:

  1. Do well, while doing good
  2. Remain grateful for the gifts you have received and pay it forward.
  3. Build up your team to step into their dreams and realize their potential

Raising the bar and exceeding expectations is a path to success with our patients, our team and with ourselves. When we can do this and at the same time make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us, we not only create a practice that we love.... we create a great life. 

A TEAM FIRST moment I'll never forget: 

About ten years ago I was invited to speak to a group of referring dentists celebrating the retirement of an orthodontist who had practiced for over 50 years. I asked this doctor, “How many families would you guess you have you supported during your career?” He answered that he wasn’t sure how many patient families he had treated. “Not patients” I responded, “I am wondering how many team members you have helped support their families.” I was surprised when his eyes got teary and he told me he had never even considered that question. He then thanked me for the gift of the question that made his heart so happy. This was a moment I’ll never forget.

If the idea of LOVING YOUR PRACTICE again speaks to you, let's talk and see if we are are a good match to help you grow your impact, your joy in practice and your bottom-line success. 

My best,


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Dr. George Adams

"We're seeing great progress! Great day, great week, great time! There's less & less time spent getting people on the same page. We're now focusing on doing dentistry, having fun, spending time enjoying and celebrating instead of going back to correct mistakes. We're enriched, enlivened & full of great energy!"


Dr. Ryan Seaton

"We has some work to do and it's great to see the progress the team has made in focusing less on themselves & more on how they can help one another. A whole new level of buyin that wasn't here a few months ago. We're very happy!"


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