Your Referring Doctors & Study Club Will LOVE PIVOT Live!

PIVOT Live! is a workshop based on the best selling book that offers shockingly simple ways to up-level practice leadership, get the team on the same page, drive success and allow doctors to focus on their clinical joy!


PIVOT is a strategic shift that allows dentists to once again focus on their clinical joy. 

Every practice leader leaves with tools at the ready to deal with the most common leadership challenges that they face every day.


The Challenge In A Nutshell

Dental school is about individual performance while dentistry is a team sport.

That's the first lesson that dentists learn in the real world and for for many dentists, team miscommunication and drama remains a challenge that steals the joy from the practice ownership and limits practice growth.



The STRUGGLE Is Real...  What Could Be Better Than The Gift of Knowledge That Keeps on Giving? 

When you're ready to show your referring doctors just how much you appreciate their confidence and partnership, you want your gift to be special. Be a hero to your colleagues and dental study club members with this game-changer of a life workshop. PIVOT Live! is an experience that will stay with your colleagues, helping them to banish team drama and create a practice they love! 


The Impact of PIVOT for Attendees...

"I recently attended Ginny's "Pivot Live" presentation. The presentation addresses some of the most common challenges many dental practices deal with on a day to day basis. Often times we get "stuck" on doing things the same way, yet we aren't seeing any change in the results. Sometimes I think we can over complicate things and forget the key building blocks. For example, I know I am not alone when I say, I dreaded our monthly team meetings. This is where Ginny's experience and ability shines through. In this presentation Ginny demonstrates how to take this challenge and turn it into an opportunity on how we can have highly effective team meetings. I left the presentation with usable "tools" for my toolbox, which I was quickly able to implement into my team meetings. It has now been a little over a year, and our meetings have done a 180. In addition, her book is a must have: it serves as a quick reference guide for me. I highly recommend seeing Ginny present in person to experience your moment to change course and "Pivot"."

Luci Berardi
CFO, Altura Periodontics

"Every year brings a different dynamic and a different challenge to our practice. PIVOT helps me identify opportunities to create positive movement toward solutions that I may be overlooking with resources I already have!"

Lynda Davenport
Practice Administrator, Endodontic Associates

"I thought the attendees were engaged and there was lots of conversation between doctors about the PIVOT Points Ginny presented. This is information that people can put to use right away in their practices. "

Doug Dries
Practice Development Manager, Care Credit

"I’ve been with various practice management consultants and coaches over my 30 years in practice. Ginny is up to date. She’s got lots of pearls and is in tune with what’s happening in dental practice, in the industry, and what teams are expecting. Things have changed a lot and she’s really on top of it. PIVOT Live was great. "

Dr Jerry Matt
Dentist, Solar Smiles

"You have a compelling and invigorating message which is much needed in today's Dental practice. Thanks Ginny!"

Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh
Endodontist, Augusta Endodontics

"Great session! Very informative and somewhat new to dentistry. We all know how to manage teams but we don’t know how to manage people. "

Ali Kafashzadeh
Management Consultant

PIVOT Live is a Great Choice For Your Referring Practices & Dental Study Club 

Of course every practice is unique.  You know what isn't unique?  The challenges they face.

Challenges feel unique, yet in most cases they are predictable. 

What's great about that?  It means you can get out in front of issues and stop fires before they get started.


PIVOT Live! Gives Attendees The Tools To Tackle These Common Challenges...  AND MUCH MORE!

  • How to successfully deal with employee lateness (yes, this is still a big issue around the country)

  • How to hold people accountable for behavior, not just results- this is a game-changer

  • How to quickly zero in on evaluating an employee's poor performance to determine how/if you can help them turn things around

  • How to plan a team meeting that people look forward to attending & that creates genuine progress and results


What Will Your Referring Doctors or Study Club Attendees Thank You For?

  • They will gain greater confidence in how to show up as a leader that awakens and engages your team members' best performance so you can focus on your dentistry - it's easier than you think!

  • Learn the most common mistake leaders make that derails your team meetings & how to turn that around on a dime

  • Learn the 3-step strategy for quickly redirecting the team away from drama or office politics to solutions and collaboration

  • The #1 strategy to empower your team to solve their biggest roadblocks once and for all! (stop team meeting deja vu where all the same issues come up again)

  • The 3 things your team wants you to stop doing...right away!

  • Why your bonus system isn't working - employee engagement is not for sale

  • Learn the PIVOT Leadership Credo that will get your team actively engaged

  • BONUS... EVERY attendee will receive a copy of Ginny's book PIVOT:  Practice Leadership Redefined!

What Are The 5 Fundamentals of PIVOT?

1. Leadership Mindset Shift

Complete with an awareness that practice stressors are predictable and leadership can be learned.  A few key strategic changes can give dentists and practice administrators the confidence and competence to lead their teams beyond the drama that may be slowing practice growth.

2. Raise the Bar on Teamwork

We'll review team-building assessments and exercises that will help you and your team smash through your status quo to new levels of growth and happiness.

3. Establish Accountability

Holding people accountable for their results is simple.  Holding them accountable for their behavior is a game changer.

4. Hold Meetings That Work

Learn how your team can opt out of the typical revolving cycle of team meetings that either make things worse or are an exercise in frustration.  Your team meetings can create unity, positive change and even be fun!

5. Create Team Loyalty & Reduce Turnover

Learn how to avoid the power struggles and drama that lead to both voluntary and involuntary turnover.

Is PIVOT Live Right For Your Next Event?

The program can be customized to suit your needs.  Ginny is scheduling for 2018 & 2019 now so why not start a conversation?


A personal message from Ginny Hegarty, Author of PIVOT...

I noticed a couple of years ago I was asked same question over and over again by dentists, “Ginny, can’t I just do the dentistry?” Dentists explained “ I’m really getting bogged down by all the other hats I have to wear as the practice owner.”

My answer used to be, in short, “No” until I realized I was missing the opportunity for these doctors to understand a better approach. I now answer, “Yes, you can just do the dentistry, after you make a few critical pivots.”

These pivots teach you how to redefine practice leadership and empower your team to greater accountability for behavior and results. Even better, you can focus on your joy in dentistry and then, schedule the time to support the team.

Doctors have enjoyed this shift in focus as they realized that all the stress in leading the team came from dealing with the chaos created by fires that never needed to get started in the first place. When they can proactively avoid the smoke, they avoid the fire. I’m hearing from doctors who realize they really enjoy masterminding and brainstorming with their teams; it's so much more fun than the current state of the typical team meeting.

PIVOT Live is unique and exciting because it provides an opportunity to try these new leadership skills on for size, to challenge your current leadership beliefs, to find your comfort zone and to feel a greater confidence in being able to bring the team together on the proverbial same page.

One thing I can promise you is these pivots are not hard, in fact they are surprisingly simple. It’s easy to keep doing what we’ve always s done. PIVOT Live! gets you unstuck and helps you discover that “Yes,” you can bring back your clinical joy and love your practice again.  

Hosting doctors have shared with me that their colleagues are so grateful for this PIVOT Live opportunity to go-deep with leadership conversations, together. One commented “This is so unique. I don’t know of any other opportunity to have this conversation and learning experience. This is something we all need.”  

This event will reverberate throughout your referring colleagues' practices as the lessons stick and they are rewarded with greater joy in practice. Your attendees will long remember and thank you for this experience.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can plan your PIVOT Live!


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